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"I look to Dr. Dana to keep my body aligned and aid in keeping everything working properly"

"I’m a 50 yr old career firefighter that also referees both high school/college football and basketball 3-4 nights a week. Between the rigors of my job and my refereeing vocation I subject my body to continuous physical insult, which results in a plethora of aches and pains throughout my body. In addition to my normal recovery stretching and icing I look to Dr. Dana to keep my body aligned to aid in keeping everything working properly. Most recently she was able to treat a case of shin splints that developed due to misalignment in my feet. I had a treatment/adjustment on Thursday and was pain-free for Friday night’s game. She takes the time to ask the questions and dig into the root cause of the problem and treating what needs to be treated. Thanks for keeping me going in tip-top shape Dr. Dana."

- Brandon S.

"Fuerza Functional Fitness and Rehab"

It’s been one year since starting at Fuerza Functional Fitness and Rehab and I can feel the difference! Thank you to the Fuerza Fitness and Active Health team for guiding me along this journey!"

- Kara K.

"The exercises you do are selected just for you"

"Local friends, if you have noticed loss of strength, change in balance, or simply want to feel better… let Fuerza Functional Fitness and Rehab help you out. The exercises you do are selected just for you and guided and monitored by knowledgeable staff while you are there. Take care of yourself - now!"

-Mary L.

"I always feel better after my session with Dr. Nelson and her attentive team"

"Whether I'm in pain or coming in for preventive care, I always feel better after my session with Dr. Nelson and her attentive team. She knows what I need to improve how I feel and helps me achieve it. I've been to many chiropractors in several states over the years and Active Health is one of my absolute favorites!"

- Debi P

"Truly Caring Professionals"

"What a great place with truly caring professionals who are committed to helping me on my journey to a healthier me!"

- Melody R.

"Dr. Nelson is a wealth of knowledge"

"I have been coming to Active Health for almost a year now and always leave feeling very refreshed. Dr. Nelson is a wealth of knowledge in the nutrition and wellness space, and an incredible Chiropractor. The rest of the staff is also very helpful and I’ve had positive experiences with the massage therapy and fitness services as well!"

- Mayzie M.

"Great staff, friendly atmosphere"

"Active Health Spine & Sport is the most amazing place. Great staff, friendly atmosphere and you will feel great after you leave. Highly recommended."

-Gin S.

"Confident in their abilities, I referred my sister"

"I am so pleased with the help I am currently receiving with Dr. Nelson and her assistant, as they are helping me to rebuild strength & muscle in my injured rotator cuff. Confident in their abilities, I referred my sister to Dr. Nelson so she too can start her recovery after surgery on her knee. And not to leave out the receptionist, Sharla, as she is always anwsering the phone to schedule our appointments with a smile in her voice. Wonderfully ran business."

- Rhonda R.

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