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NormaTec Recovery System

Services We Offer To Restore You Back To Active Health

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We are thrilled to announce that we are now an authorized retailer for Hyperice, the maker of the Hypervolt massage device!

The Hypervolt is designed to:

*Accelerate warmup and recovery

*Improve range of motion and flexibility

*Reduce muscle soreness and stiffness

*Enhance muscle performance

And now you can enjoy all these benefits in the comfort of your own home!

"Less pain and more flexibility"

"After several months and multiple trips to other practitioners, I am now very relieved to have a diagnosis and a treatment plan that involves exercises, stretching and hands on treatment from Dr. Nelson. Within one week of following her recommendations, I am having less pain and more flexibility. Her careful evaluation, treatment and plan have been what I needed for months. I am happy to say that Dr. Nelson will help you IF you are willing to do your part."

- Arlene C.

"Massage Therapy"

I highly recommend Rosemary's therapeutic treatment alone or paired with a chiropractic visit! Massage is an integral part of the healing process offered by Active Health!

- Laura E.

"Fuerza Functional Fitness"

“I have enjoyed Fuerza and it has made a huge difference in so many aspects of how I see myself. Thank you for having a gym where I could be comfortable in my own skin and push myself to be better.”

- Kristen E.

"The first chiropractor that has been able to help me.”

“I had a lot of low back and hip pain, for almost a year. I went to a couple different places (including the team chiropractor for my college soccer team), but didn’t get any relief. Dr. Nelson adjusted my back and hips, and did a lot of exercises with me. That relieved a lot of pain. She assigned some exercises to do at home too. I feel like those strengthen my hips. From that first appointment I got lots of relief from pain. 

-Nicole G., Collegiate Athlete

"In just one visit with Dr. Nelson my problem was solved."

“I’ve been lifting weights for a few years. I suffered from low back pain. I was having trouble doing squats because of the pain. In just one visit with Dr. Nelson my problem was solved. She showed me that my problem was incorrect form. It was just a small tweak I had to make, but it made a huge difference. I probably wouldn’t be able to do a squat now if it wasn’t for Dr. Nelson!”

-Logan E., College student

"Clean gym, clean office."

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent job you are doing keeping your office clean and safe. I want to thank Audra who makes sure the workout area is sanitized and safe. She is doing a great job. Thank you very much for all of the precautions that you and Audra and everyone else at Active Health are taking!" 

-Wayne S.

"Fitness Personalization"

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy exercising again! I think Audra and Hector each bring something different and I truly enjoy them both! Thanks for offering such a service to those of us who need some extra motivation and personalization.”

-Jodi K.

"On my own, I know I would get hurt."

"I like having a personal trainer who watches me so I don't hurt myself. On my own, I know I would get hurt."

-Deb W.

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